I heart popcorn event

Jedidah Mwangi


Looking for something different and that really POPS! look no more Square Field  will be holding an out of this world  event on Christmas eve at the Arboretum grounds from 10;00 am to 5:00 pm.

This extra-ordinary event, dubbed ‘I HEART POPCORN’ is must go for all popcorn lovers out there.  you will have to choose from individual flavors that will be resent

The popcorn bar event will be featuring  the  biggest display of delicious gourmet popcorn  and be assured that these snack will definitely excite and delight your taste buds.You will also get to meet various experts in gourmet popcorn production and get atip or two on how to make perfect popcorn at the comfort of your kitchen.

You will also get fresh ideas on how to add gourmet popcorn to the heart of your parties and events; whether  it’s a baby shower, birthday, wedding or family reunions.

See you there.


One on One With Asilaba

Alex Kinyanjui

Are you into fashion? Do you have a passion in modelling but you’re finding it hard to pursue it because you are studying? Well, Asilaba Herbert  was in the same position before he started modelling. I caught up with him over the weekend and here’s our conversation:
Lifeblood: Tell us about yourself
Herbert:My name is Herbert. A 2 year experienced model. That aside, I’m also a student at MMU studying journalism
Lifeblood: how do you juggle between school and modelling?
Herbert: well, I’m a full time student but having said that, it doesn’t mean that I always interfere with my career. I do model during weekend or when I do not have classes
Lifeblood: being a fashion oriented person, can you give us two fashion tips
Herbert: A} define your signature style
B} known stories behind your favorite fashions
Your signature style will enable you to be unique in the industry since you’ll have something that may distinguish you from others
The story behind your favorite fashion will act exactly as a guide in your wardrobe to avoid wardrobe mistake

The cooking engineer



Jedidah Mwangi

When you meet Derick Masai, all you would think of is an Engineering student who is sucked up in the world of books and codes, but aside from all these complexities he is also a guy that loves creating meals in the kitchen.

Many perceive cooking as a feminine job but for Derick it is an art that should be practised by all.

Despite having a very fixed schedule due to the nature of his course,  he always finds time during weekends and evenings to practice his passion. 

Stepfamilies and Stepparenting





Sydney Keng’ore

A step parent is the polar opposite of biological parents. Therefore a step family is that family where one or both parents have a child or children from another partner.

In this century step families have become dormant and turn out to be successful making peoples’ wrong perception change. Back then it was well known that step families don’t work. But now its working,why? OK here is a case where both the adult parents have survived divorce,separation or even losing of other partners due to death. This two adult members when they come together after either sharing previous experience or not they all come with resolutions of making the family successful.
They both come out as committed partners. Though in every course there are challenges a step family requires a lot of input from both partners. In most cases hindrances range from the biological parents from the other side and children and in both cases they may resist change that is if the other biological parents are alive.

Teens vs Parenting

Sydney Keng’ore

Sydney: I am Sydney Keng’ore, with me here is Francis who invited over to talk to us about his experience being a young parent. Welcome Francis.
Sydney: How did your parents react to the news?
Francis: They were surprised given that am young and they could not think am capable of such a thing. They at some point proved to be uncooperative given that am not able and that they still provide for me.
Sydney: What are the challenges you are facing now as a young parent?
Francis: Ok the first challenge is handling a crying baby which is  hectic. I have ever encountered. The secondly, now that the baby hasn’t attained five years of age she is prone to sickness. So the confusion of rushing to hospital in the middle of the night gives me an headache.
Sydney: What advise do you give to young parents?
Francis: To many its always a mistake but life has just to move on and for those teens in the same state with me, embrace your partner and make it count.
Sydney: Thank you hope what you have told us will help young teen parents out there.

Sports Journalism

Denis Njoroge
Multimedia university of Kenya is well known for producing good journalist. Over the weekend I met JB who is a host for a sports show known as ‘zinga la spoti’ which airs every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm on MMU radio (99.9)FM.
Lifeblood: who is JB?
JB: JB is a student at multimedia university and a sports presenter at MMU
Lifeblood: how long have you been a sports presenter?
JB: I have been a sports presenter for three months now.
Lifeblood: apart from being a sports presenter which other hobbies do you have?
JB:  I do swimming and blogging.
Lifeblood: what’s your view on the sports culture in MMU
JB: multimedia university has really tried , they brought in new games, new talents that can try to keep on the sports culture in MMU
Lifeblood: what inspired you to become a sports journalist/presenter?
JB: It is because, I like sports and also because of my role model Diblo Kaberia.
Lifeblood: in sports journalism, what do you do in particular?
JB: commentaries, reporting and analysis
Lifeblood: what’s your advice on those who aspire t be sports journalist?
JB: those who want to be sports journalist like me, should follow their hearts because if you want to become a sports journalist you should have passion and like sports in general

Maasai Cultural Leso


Alex kinyanjui

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within us”
For so long African print fabric haven’t been given the props it deserves mostly because it haven’t been considered precious. Not until in recent days. Most of us (me included) associate it with village therefore not a brand!
You see, all of these sophisticated fabrics that we dream of owning into our wardrobes wouldn’t be in place if they weren’t appreciated and embraced from their origins. The likes of Gucci, Velvet and Silk are brands because people and local designers embraced them. I dare believe our African fabric can dance on the same stage with them. We just need to embrace it, show it some love and I bet Tom Ford will come running with envy.
Don’t wait until Rihanna gets that Maasai shuka dress so that you can run knocking on every designer’s door, you go first. Let the love begin from inside and what’s the best way of doing it than by turning up for the Maasai cultural event? Yes, different items deigned from Maasai fabric will be showcased including their beautiful jewelries.
“Njooni Tujivunie Utamaduni Wetu”